At Summit View Periodontics, our doctors are relentless in their pursuit of the latest technology has to offer in the field of Periodontics. We encourage you to browse and familiarize yourself with these additions to the office. An in-office tour of our facility is always available!

Powerlase AT Nd:YAG/Er:YAG Dental Laser (Fotana Inc.): These lasers are a significant piece of what makes Summit View Periodontics so special. Affectionately named “Tahoe One” and “Tahoe Two”, many of our patients have discovered the precision and comfort that this powerful dental laser has to offer as an alternative to painful conventional surgery.

J. Morita, R100 Cone Beam Volumetric Tomogram Machine: The R100 is a 3D dental x-ray machine and it is the latest technological addition to Summit View Periodontics. With the R100, our doctors can provide you with the most crisp and clear image of your dental structures that can be found in a stand-up cone beam imaging machine today. Our doctors will utilize the R100 to visualize and “virtually place” your dental implants, explore gum diseased teeth, discover root canal infections, rule-out tooth fractures, and identify areas of diseases of the bone.

Piezosurgery 3: A gentle bone “saving” instrument which brings the art out of tooth removal and bone surgery. The Piezosurgery machine can enable our doctors to maintain a safer surgical environment around your vital tissues and structures while enhancing the predictability of bone and tooth surgery.

Hoya Con Bio Diodent 980nm Diode Laser: Don’t let the stout nature of this dental laser fool you! Diode lasers such as the DioDent 980 are very versatile in the management and resection of soft tissues, gum disease management, bleeding control and tissue biostimulation. The DioDent 980 was pivotal in our doctors’ growth and appreciation of dental laser therapy. There is not a day where this laser is not benefiting one of our valued patients. Our doctors actively engaged in teaching diode laser therapy techniques for the management of periodontal disease to many of his referring dentists and hygienists in the Denver Metro Area.

Dexis High Definition Intaoral Sensors: With the advent of high definition sensor technology, intraoral 2D x-rays offer crisp and clear images with a much reduced exposure rate. Also, digital technology enables to easily share and receive your x-rays with your referring dentists.